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MARC Mileage Program (MMP)

The national Model A Restorers Club has a Mileage Program (MMP) to recognize the miles driven by Model A Ford cars owned by the members. The Columbus Region of MARC has a long tradition of driving the Model A for pleasure and this is the primary activity of the club.

To participate, the car must be registered in the program by the owner and a fee of $1 paid. Odometer readings are reported to the national MARC Mileage Program chairman at the end of each calendar year. A radiator plaque is awarded at the completion of 2000 miles, and a replacement mileage tab is awarded at 5000 miles and at each 5000 miles thereafter. The mileage program stays with the vehicle if it is sold and the new owner continues eligibility with that car.

The total miles driven for all the Columbus MARC members in the Mileage Awards program is now 1,370,828.  This is a drop in total club mileage from last year due to the death of members and subsequent sale of the vehicles.
The complete list of Columbus MARC members in the program and the mileage awards earned to date are:


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